If you are in the area, we would be happy to welcome you at our temporary shop this summer, in LES EYZIES, the capital of prehistory in Périgord
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Press book Citadel
Some texts about Citadel products
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Katana vocabulary
More concise than a translation, some Japanese words might be usefull to know for a better understanding of the Katana world > Click here
Blades maintenance
Steel blades have to be taken care of : greased then wiped at least every three months (though ideally every month) to preserve their polish and avoid rust spotting. > Click here
Order your Citadel saber or knife
Describe your request, if necessary attach a dimensioned drawing.
CITADEL will establish an estimate and give a delivery deadline.
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Citadel, unique items
Never strictly the same, each part shaped with their hands by CITADEL craftsmen and ironsmiths testifies of their inspiration and their skill. > Click here
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